Your Wedding Drinks Reception

Your wedding drinks reception can be one of the focal points of your day. 

It fills the gap between your Ceremony and your meal. If done right, it can entertain your wedding guests while you are with the Photographer. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to mingle with your Guests.

Personalise your Day with Signature Cocktails

Dependent on your wedding budget, your wedding drinks reception can be as extravagant as money will allow . You can hire in Bartenders to create a wow factor by mixing up personalised cocktails, or you could keep it simple with a DIY drinks reception from a beer (wheel) barrow to a pimp your prosecco or gin bar. 

Your wedding drinks reception

Don’t forget to feed your Guests

One important thing you need to consider for your wedding drinks reception, particularly if there is quite a gap between your ceremony and reception, is to feed your guests. There is nothing more uncomfortable at a wedding than feeling hungry and wondering how long it is until you get fed.  Canapes can come in all forms and guises which are elegant and glamourous. Gone are the days when you offered a soggy vol au vent to your Guests.

You may want to consider some entertainment for your Guests during your wedding drinks reception.

Entertain Your Guests

Again this can be as simple or as extravagant as you want.  Think about your Guests – are there many children at your wedding?  Entertainment can be as simple as garden games, or you could hire some musicians or even a magician.  Depending on what style of nibbles you are going to offer, why not think about some comedy waiters to serve!

Make Your Wedding Drinks Reception About You

Your wedding drinks reception is the perfect time to reflect your personalities and interests into your day. Think about this when you’re thinking about the food and drink you want to serve.  Perhaps you have travelled together and you could use this to opt for some regional food.  Perhaps you have got a love for craft beers, contact a local brewery to develop a personalised beer for your day.

Your Wedding Drinks Reception

Whatever you choose to serve to your Guests, you really need to think about your day and make it about you.

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