What to stock a wedding bar with

If you want to go down the route of supplying your drinks for your Guests, knowing what to stock a wedding bar with is helpful.

Of course, if you hire The Iron Bar for our Dry Bar Hire Service, we will send you a copy of our ultimate drinks guide. This will help you with selection as well as quantities. But for now, here is a quick and straightforward guide to stocking your wedding bar.

Wedding drinks

Let’s talk basics

Beer, lager, cider, wine (red, white, and preferably rose)

Prosecco, some guests love the sparkling stuff, especially if you serve it as an arrival drink and they want to continue drinking it.

What to stock a wedding bar with


Gins, Vodkas, Whiskies, and Rums as a starting base. And notice I’m talking in the plural. You need at least two types of each, including some flavoured options.


While talking spirits, remember the mixers too – Tonic Water (plus slimline), ginger ale, ginger beer, coke (and diet), and lemonade. This also serves non-drinkers…

Talking of non-drinkers…

We get a lot of people who aren’t drinking, for whatever reason, asking for something different. Let’s face it; coke can get a bit boring if you’re on soft drinks all day!

How about mixing up an elderflower fizz and serving it in a tall mason jar?

A non-alcoholic beer option is good to have too.

Non alcoholic drink options for weddings

The main thing to remember when deciding what to stock a wedding bar with…

Don’t just have the drinks available that you drink.

If you’ve got around 100 guests, chances are they won’t want to drink the same rum, beer, etc., as you drink. Also, most Guests will start on one drink and then go onto something else later, so give your guests a choice.

I’ve already mentioned that the Guests who drink prosecco as an arrival drink may want to continue to drink prosecco. The same goes if you’re having Aperol spritz, for example, as an arrival drink, so have some of that available too for your Guests to continue to drink into the night.


If you buy your drinks from a wholesale, make sure you do so on a sale or return basis. Or if you’re buying from a supermarket, do so up to 28 days before your wedding. That way, you can return any unopened drinks.

Otherwise, having a big party at your next birthday or Christmas is an excellent excuse!

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