Wedding Bar Set Up

Wedding Bar Set Up

The wedding bar set for your wedding reception is one of the main focal points of your wedding. After all, drinks are served from arrival at your reception to the last dance. Choosing a quality bar company is essential to providing the right atmosphere and level of service you require.

Types of Wedding Bars

There are many different types of bars that you can choose from. Lots of marquee companies can provide their own. It is mostly from marquee companies that the round bar comes from. Many bar companies dislike working on round bars, mainly because there needs to be more space to display stock in the middle of the bar. In fact, at the Iron Bar, we do not provide a cash bar service on a round bar.

Wedding Bar Set Up

For a dry hire bar (where the client supplies the drinks) where the bar company provides drinks service only, a round bar is less of a problem, as there is no need for a display of spirits behind the bar.

The straight bar is the most popular bar option and the preferred one by bar companies, especially the Iron Bar. This provides lots of room for service and lots of back bar space to display drinks and stock, somewhere to store glasses, and, of course, somewhere to put the till.

Where to place your Wedding Bar

When deciding where to place your bar, it is a good idea to ask the bar company how deep the total bar area needs to be. For example, the back bar area is around a metre deep, and the front of the bar is usually between ½ a metre and one metre deep. You also need to allow for working space. We try to allow for a minimum of a metre, preferably one and a half. This allows for plenty of space behind the bar so staff can get past each other.

When siting your bar, you also want to think about where you want it. For example, the staff may have trouble hearing your guests if the bar is too close to the dance floor. Too far away, and your guests have a trek to order a drink. This is also something to consider if you decide to have a horsebox bar for your wedding drinks. These bars are almost always situated outside the main tent, marquee, or building. 

Therefore, should it rain, you will need to provide some cover for your guests while waiting for their drinks. It also means they will have to leave the reception to get a drink, splitting up the wedding reception.

Actual wedding bar set up

The bar itself needs to be arranged in a certain way. We have a double beer fridge under the back bar to stock wines, bottled beer and cider, and soft drinks. Our primary use soft drinks are kept in two ice bins on the front bar as these are used continuously. We also use large bottles of tonic, cola, and lemonade to reduce plastic waste.

Any barrels/kegs of beer are usually kept either behind or to one side of the bar structure. These require a particular setup with pipework, gas bottles, etc., so there is a need to allow decent access to them so barrels can be changed as and when they run out.

If you require your bar to have real ale on draught, then your bar needs space underneath the front bar to allow for a 9-gallon beer barrel and associated pipework. Putting the barrel on an auto tilt rack is always a good idea, so it does not get disturbed.

So some things to think about when choosing your wedding bar set up!! The Iron bar is more than willing to discuss bar options with you whether you require a cash bar or dry hire. Please get in touch. Give us a call or WhatsApp us and we will be happy to chat to you on 07980 679575 or 07533 694142. And don’t forget to follow us on Social Media, click on the links below:

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