Wedding Alcohol – How much do you need?

Providing your own wedding drinks on your special day is a great way to have what drinks you want. Also, if you have contacts with a local wine merchant or brewery it could be cost effective. So if you are providing your own wedding alcohol – how much do you need?

Wedding alcohol how much do you need

What do you need to know about wedding alcohol and how much do you need?

  • Firstly, don’t assume that because you drink one particular drink, all of your Guests will like the same. Make sure you’ve got a good variety of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
  • Have a good selection and plenty of glasses.  Remember to allow for any breakages. The types of glasses you will need are: Pint glasses, Hi-Balls, Wine glasses, Small glasses (For shots) Champagne flutes
  • Measure your drinks If you are providing your own wedding drinks, the chances are you are also operating a free bar.  Serve single shots of spirits.  Not only will this avoid you running out of drinks, it will also prevent your Guests going mad with the gin or vodka and getting too drunk –  well too early anyway.
  • Make sure you’ve got the correct equipment.  You will need measures for your spirits, Ice (lots of it and freezing facilities for storage) limes and lemons, small chopping board and knife, Cocktail shaker (if applicable) Bottle opener (I suggest more than one as they always go missing) Glass washing facilities and dustpan and brush and mop for any breakages.
  • Staffing Think about who is going to serve your drinks.  A professional bar and staffing Business such as Iron Bar Hire is essential to ensure that there is some sort of order on your bar. Don’t forget you need staff to collect glasses also.
Wedding alcohol-how much do you need

Finally, you need to think hard about how much alcohol you need to supply for providing your own wedding drinks.  The last thing you want is to run out before the evening reception starts.  For help on this and to receive a free guide, like our Social Media Pages and drop us an email with details of your Wedding, Date, Venue and Number of Guests you are looking to invite.

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