Vegan Wine and Drinks

Vegan wine and drinks

Apologies, we’re a bit late on the Veganuary boat, but with the increase of awareness of the Vegan culture, we thought it would be good to bring you a blog on Vegan wine and drinks.  After all, what are your thoughts on availability?

Do you think you need to go to a specialist drinks supplier?

How easy is it to get vegan-based drinks from a Supermarket?

We have the answers to these questions.

First though, what makes wine, spirit, or beer vegan?

Vegan Wines

The important part is all to do with how the wine is clarified (more commonly known as fining)

Usually, the fining process is done by using either a milk protein (casein), egg whites (albumin), gelatin (animal protein), or fish bladder (isinglass).

Vegan wine and drinks

All of these processes involve animal products.  Surprisingly, there is an increase in popular wines now having a vegan fining process.

The vegan fining process involves leaving particles in the wine to sink naturally to the bottom of the bottle, creating sediment (not very pleasant), or finings using non-animal products such as a clay or pea protein is used.

Examples of Supermarket Vegan Wines are:

Yellow Tail – Merlot, Shiraz, or Pinot Grigio

Brancott Estate (2020 onwards)

Casillero del Diablo

Vegan wine and drinks

Vegan Beers

Technically, as beer is usually made from barley, malt, water, hops, and yeast, it should be Vegan.

However, some Brewers add preservatives, such as adding a “head” to their beer, which could be made from animal products.  Also, it’s important to note, however, that lactose (sugar derived from milk) is added to some beers and stouts to add sweetness.  Honey is also sometimes added.

Examples of Supermarket beers are:

Brewdog punk IPA

Stella Artois

Birra Moretti


(Note, most real ales aren’t vegan friendly due to the fining process –  unless they are in kegs)

Vegan Spirits

Good news for gin lovers – nearly all types of spirits, gin, vodka, whisky, rum*, etc., are vegan. They are distilled using grain or sugar.

*Point to note here, though, honey spirits (Rum, for example) are not vegan.  Likewise, creamy liqueurs such as Baileys.  Also, watch out for some fruit gins and vodkas.

Examples of Vegan spirits and liqueurs:

Grey Goose and Absolut Vodka

Gordon’s Gin (including Pink)

Glenlivet whisky

Southern Comfort

So, there you have it. I’ve just given you a few examples of vegan wines and drinks that you can buy from your local shop.

I should point out that some vegan wine and drinks, despite being made vegan, can also contain non-vegan products in their packaging – such as in the seal.  To find out if your favourite drink is Vegan, or perhaps you’re having a wedding or party with Vegan Guests, there is a great website to check if drinks are vegan called Barnivore.

For more information on how we can cater for your Event using vegan drinks, get in touch with us at 07980 679575 /  07533 694142 or drop us an email.

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