Things to Remember when hiring a Mobile Bar

As with any of your Suppliers for your Wedding or Event, it’s so important to choose the right Business for your Day, to ensure that your day is perfect.

Here are 5 things to remember when hiring a Mobile Bar for your special occasion.

Get to know your Bar Person

Speak to the owner of the Mobile Bar that you’re looking to hire.  It’s a great way to work out whether they are a good fit for your Wedding or Event.  It will also give you an idea of what kind of service your Guests will have too.

Think about the Style of your Wedding or Event

Look for a bar structure that is in keeping with the style of your Wedding – And your Venue too.  A rustic bar is perfect for a marquee or tipi Wedding, even a Barn.

The bar should also be easily accessible and an appropriate size for your Guests, but also not overpower your Occasion.

Do you have Signature Drinks or not?

I would definitely say yes.  Especially if you’re having a Wedding.  It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your Day.

Think about the Weather

Especially if you’re having an outdoor Wedding.  If you’re getting married, talk to the Mobile Bar Company to see if they can give you some ideas on serving a refreshing fruity cocktail.

If you’re getting married in Winter, think about having a Mulled Wine option.

Does the Mobile Bar offer flexibility?

Things to remember when hiring a Mobile Bar

Are there specific drinks that you would like to be available for your Event?  Speak to the Mobile Bar to see if they can cater for your needs.  

There are sometimes when it may not be possible to serve exactly what you want (For example, there are certain draught beers that require a long time to settle before serving –  almost impossible for a mobile bar that would set up the day before at the earliest) however the Mobile Bar should offer you an alternative to consider and be flexible where possible.

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