Things to consider when hiring a bar for your Wedding

When it comes to hiring a Bar for your Wedding, like many other things while planning your Wedding,there are so many things to consider.

Things to consider when hiring a bar for your Wedding

When contacting Mobile Bar Companies, there’s some basic information that they will need to know, so that they can give you a quote:

  • The location of your Wedding (And whether it is in a building or a temporary structure, e.g Marquee)
  • The date of your Wedding!
  • How long do you want the bar to be open for?
  • How many Guests will be at your Wedding (Will there be more for your Evening Reception)
  • Are you looking for a Cash Bar or simply bar hire and staff to serve the drinks that you will be providing?

You will also have some questions that you will want to ask:

  • What glasses are provided? (If you wanted something in particular, such as martini glasses can they provide these as an addition?)
  • Are bar staff provided (If you’re looking to hire a Bar for your own drinks, you will need someone to serve them;)
  • Do the bar staff wear a uniform?  You’re hiring them for your Wedding Day. You want them to look smart and professional
  • Why do you need so many Bar Staff? – If your Wedding is in a marquee in a field, there is no glasswasher where they wash themselves.  Out in the Field it takes one or two physical people to wash all of your glasses by hand in buckets of water. This is as well as collecting them, this is in addition to the staff that will be on the Bar serving the drinks.
  • What equipment is supplied?  If you’re hiring a mobile bar for your Wedding, you would expect them to provide everything for a cash bar ie Ice, Fruit garnishes, Measures, Napkins, Stirrers you don’t have to worry about all this.  If you are just hiring the Bar Structure and Staff for your own drinks though, the chances are you will need to provide these items.
Things to consider when hiring a bar for your Wedding

What options are available for your bar at Your Wedding?

Usually a Mobile Bar Company will have the following options available for you:

Dry Hire

This is where you provide all of the drinks yourself and they provide the bar structure and staff.  Usually they will also take care of hiring glasses for you too, but this doesn’t always happen so you need to check this at the time of making your enquiry.

Cash Bar

Like going to the pub – your Guests will pay for their drinks themselves.  Most Mobile Bar Companies will request for a minimum spend fee from you to ensure that they cover their costs.  If this minimum spend is met, then you will usually get it refunded to you after your Wedding.

Pre-Paid Bar

This can also be called a Tab Bar or Token Bar.  You will pay a price per head for your Guests, and in turn they will receive their drinks for free until the tab limit is reached.  You can give your Guests “drink tokens” to buy a certain number of drinks, after which time they will pay for drinks themselves like a Cash Bar.


If you are having a cash bar at your Wedding, it should be licenced to serve and sell alcohol.

The Mobile Bar Company should also have Public Liability Insurance.

Finally, if you’re having your Wedding at an unlicenced Venue, you’ll need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TENS) from your local Council.  This needs to be obtained 10 working days before your Wedding.  Check with your Mobile Bar Company whether they can apply for it on your behalf.

Things to consider when hiring a bar for your Wedding

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