The Ultimate Guide to Your Wedding Reception Bar

The ultimate guide to your Wedding Reception Bar

You want your Wedding to be the talking point for your Guest for months, even years to come.  Your Wedding should be the best. So how do you create the best Wedding ever?  Well apart from the amazing styling that you organise and the fantastic food, the other important factor is your Wedding Bar.

Today we bring you the start of our mega blog posts. In the next few weeks, we will be bringing posts packed with everything you need to know for your Wedding Reception Bar.

Today, we ask you DIY or Professional? in our Ultimate Guide to your Wedding Reception Bar

DIY –  

You need to decide on 

How much drink to get that you don’t run out – and where do you get it from?

The range of drinks you’re going to offer;

And finally, who will serve the drinks to your Guests?

A Professional Bar –

Everything is done for you, it’s hassle free, fully stocked  and staffed to service your Guests needs.

There are some decisions available to you.  Let’s start with the DIY option first:

How much

A typical Guest will drink one drink every hour. (We say typical, some Guests may drink more, some may drink less)

Now, you need to work out how much to buy:

If your Wedding Reception takes place over 5 hours (We’re talking evening here) and you’ve got 100 Guests, you need enough for 500 drinks.

Don’t forget glassware as well –  different types of glassware for those 500 drinks.

The ultimate guide to your wedding reception bar

The Range

Obviously, you need to offer a range of drinks for those 500, how do you decide what to get?

Go through your Guest list and work out:

1. Who are the bigger drinkers

2. What you think each of your Guests will drink

A typical ratio for drinks choices is something like:

20% Guests drink beer

30% Guests drink spirits

50% Guests drink wine

Of course, most Guests may start off with one drink choice and then change to another as the evening goes on.

Remember, it’s always better to have extra drinks at the end of your Wedding than running out halfway through.  Consider buying your drinks on a sale or return basis from Drinks Warehouses.


Who will serve the drinks?

Again, you have options available:

  1. Self Service – Have a beer barrow and a “Pimp your drink” bar so Guests can help themselves (Remember though this can get messy as there is no control over the measures of drinks!)
  2. Have a “Bar Rota” organise with your Bridal Party and Groomsmen to work the Bar and serve your Guests over periods of time during your Wedding Reception –  Think about your Wedding Party though, they want to enjoy your Wedding as much as you do without wanting to work!
  3. Hire a professional company to provide the staffing for you, such as The Iron Bar.


Rather than DIY, why not hire in a professional Bar Business to manage your wedding reception bar.

  • A Professional Bar will know how much drink to supply
  • They will have a fully stocked bar to cater for all your Guests needs (Including shots and cocktails)
  • All of the Bar Service including cleaning up and washing glassware is done for you
  • They can provide the right number of glasses
  • Your Guest can enjoy themselves

What type of bar to have?

Most Mobile Bars offer a range of services to suit your requirements:

Pre-Paid Bar

You pay an agreed price per Guests in return for your Wedding Guests getting a fully stocked free bar

Dry Bar

Also known as a free bar.  You provide all of the drinks, the Mobile Bar provides the bar structure, bar equipment and staff

Cash Bar

The same as going to the Pub – your Guests pay for all their drinks.

Tab or Token Bar

Similar to the Pre-Paid Bar, you pay a set price, in return your Guests receive a certain number of tokens to spend at the Bar.  Once they have used their tokens, they pay for their own drinks.

The Ultimate Guide to your Wedding Reception Bar

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