The Pitfalls of having draught beer at an event

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Beer at your wedding or event

So to better and brighter things, I’m going to talk about Beer. Beer, to me, is one of my favourite things. I like learning about it, looking after it, serving it, and, most importantly, drinking it.

Beer at an event is the staple beverage consumed. We in the UK consume around 71 litres of Beer each per year. That’s a fair amount considering we are an island of only 70 million people.

So what Beer should you have at an event, whether it’s your wedding, birthday, or just a chance to let your hair down with friends and have a good time.

The first decision you have to make, especially if you are stocking your bar, is your drink type. There are many different beer styles, from the lightest lagers to fashionable double IPA’s all the way through to stouts.

If I was to describe all the different beer types you could have served, we would probably still be here next week. So from personal experience, this is what I would suggest you should serve on your bar: a lager or two, and a good quality IPA or bitter.
I would avoid Guinness on draught as it takes so long to settle properly, and waste will be an issue.

So after you have chosen your beer types, your next decision is to be bottles/cans or draught

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s deal with draught options first.
Beer can be bought in various size kegs. The most popular is 50 litres. You can get some beers in 30 litres which are more manageable for smaller events.

Real ale such as IPA’s are supplied in casks, usually, a firkin which holds 9 gallons or 72 pints of Beer. You can also get a Pin that holds 4.5 gallons or a barrel which contains 36 gallons which is far too much for one event.

Beer at your Wedding or Event

A keg is a sealed barrel that requires a certain amount of equipment to extract the Beer from the unit. Firstly you will need a keg coupler to attach to the barrel, a gas bottle to pump the beer from the barrel, and some sort of cooler to chill the Beer before you can pour the Beer.
So a keg may not be viable unless you have a bar company to serve your preferred tipple.
Cask beer is slightly easier to serve but requires more looking after before and during service. Firstly it is better to have your ale re-racked and filtered before it is served. This removes all of the sediment from the Beer, which allows it to clear quicker than an unfiltered ale.

Draught beer at your wedding or event

However, this does mean that the Beer needs to be drunk on the day of service as it will start to spoil if left unused, which may lead to wastage.

It is much easier to serve as you can either attach a hand pull to the barrel or pour directly from the barrel, meaning that expensive equipment is not required.

Draught beer at your wedding or event

The main advantage of serving draught products at an event is cost because Beer is bought in large quantities.

If you purchase kegs and or casks, it is more cost-effective than purchasing large amounts of bottles or cans.

The first advantage to bottled beers is that you don’t get any waste from spoiled Beer. Any leftover beer can be kept until the next event.

The second advantage is the massive choice of bottled and canned beers available. Many microbreweries are now selling their brews in cans, and canned beers have become sexy again.

One of the disadvantages of serving bottled or canned beverages at an event is cost. Bottled beers tend to be more expensive per item than draught beers due to the raw materials involved in making the bottle or can.

Another disadvantage is the amount of waste the empty bottles create. These will need to be bagged up, taken away, and recycled after the event.

Another disadvantage is the space that lots of bottles and cans take up. You may also have to consider how you are going to chill the products before they are served.

So plenty of things to think about regarding the serving of Beer at your event. It’s always wise to talk to an experienced bar company such as the Iron Bar Hire, should you wish to serve draught beer at your event.

I hope this helps.
Tim Iron Bar Hire

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