Sustainable drink options for your Wedding

Sustainability is on most people’s minds, especially when planning a wedding.

This week, the Boss and I visited Birmingham’s Food and Drinks Expo. We were hunting for additional new and inspiring drinks that we may consider stocking on the Bar.

Sustainable drink options for your Wedding

We soon learnt there are many sustainable drink options for your Wedding on the market.

Whether it’s drinks made from wonky fruit, leftover bread, or all about the packaging, here are some of our findings

The non-alcoholic options – or not, if you’d prefer!

Hullabulloos create incredible refreshing drinks that can be taken as a soft option or mixed with alcohol creating a fab cocktail.

Their slogan is “No baddies of bubbles guaranteed.” These are not drinks full of sugar. Instead, just natural ingredients, and I can guarantee they’re refreshing, perfect for non-drinkers at a summer wedding.

Options available are lime and mint, raspberry, citrus, plain, lemonades, ginger beer, or elderflower presse. All are produced in 100% recycled bottles.

Ruby Spritz is a perfect drink if you’re a lover of Aperol Spritz, as that is what it reminded me of when I tasted it. Ruby Spritz is made from raw, natural ingredients and is completely plant-based. Again, this is perfect for adding alcohol to create a cocktail if you want to.

Anyone for sparkling tea? The Real Drinks Co produces a naturally fermented sparkling tea. Now, I’ve tried many non-alcoholic wines. I’ve even spoken to our Wine Merchant and discovered there’s no such “nice” non-alcoholic wine. However, this is a great alternative. It’s a sparkling drink, more like a sparkling version than wine. It is fermented, so it has a unique but lovely refreshing taste.

Drinks made with wasted food…

Crumbs, it’s beer o’clock!

Did you know that nearly half the bread in the UK doesn’t get eaten? (Sadly, I’m guilty of this, my children will NOT eat the crusts of a loaf!)

Sustainable drinks

Crumbs Brewery uses leftover and wonky loaves as a replacement for malt to create tasty beers. Available as pale ale, lager, ruby ale, or porter – and really do taste of beer!

Sapling Spirits produce a raspberry vodka made from rejected wonky raspberries,


Many sustainable drink options for your Wedding are simply about what they are packaged in.

Local distillers Wildjac is a homegrown distillery, and how their drinks are packaged is important to them. Their bottles are all made from zero plastic and have biodegradable seals.  

Refillable Pouches

We saw several producers, including Wildjac offering recyclable eco-refill pouches. These are returned for free to the Supplier, re-filled, and returned to the Bar to be decanted back into their original bottle, reducing glass waste.

Reusable Bottles

Cantium and Oxtown are creators of gin who have both come up with innovative ideas to create reusable bottles (the same as water bottles). Again, the idea is to re-fill using eco-fill pouches. But the great thing about these is they make a great keepsake and can be used when out and about (Oxtown’s inspiration came from hiking up hills! a story for another day!). Also, Cantium makes smaller bottles, which are great for favours.

How The Iron Bar creates sustainable drink options for Your Wedding

We are as sustainable as possible in the operation of our Bar. Here are just some of the things we offer:

  • Use local drinks suppliers and producers where possible 
  • While most of our service uses glasses, in cases where this is not possible, we use recyclable plastic glassware
  • Paper straws
  • Eco-pouches for our spirits where possible

For more information about how we can help with sustainable drinks options for your Wedding, why not contact us by email or calling us on 07980 679575 or 07533 694142.

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