Signature Cocktails for your Wedding Or Party

Signature cocktails are a great way to personalise your Wedding or Party for your welcome drink for your Guests.

What can you do to personalise your Signature Cocktails?

Signature cocktails for your wedding or party

Use your Favourite Tipple

There are plenty of cocktails which use gin, vodka, rum etc. as a base for your cocktails.  If Gin is a favourite, choose a cocktail which has that for its base.

Don’t worry, you’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to thinking of cocktails – just tweaking the design!)

Match to your colour scheme

Signature cocktails for your wedding or party

There are plenty of mixer options to choose from to get the colour right, whether it be a non-alcoholic base such as grenadine or an alcoholic liqueur such as blue curacao for example.

Give your signature cocktails a name

Make your signature cocktails personal to both of you.  It could be after a place you have travelled to, or relevant to your wedding day or party theme.

Give your Guests a choice

Instead of just having one cocktail as a reception drink, think about offering your Guests a selection of cocktails all made personal to your wedding or party and have a “cocktail hour”on arrival?

(IMPORTANT NOTE: add canapes or nibbles of some kind – you don’t want your Guests too tipsy before the party has even started!)

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