Sam and Lucy’s Marquee Wedding

Last weekend we worked on our first Wedding of the year, and it was fantastic, not only was Sam and Lucy’s marquee wedding a brilliant day, they were absolutely fantastic to work with. There was an added bonus of a small football game taking place which added to the atmosphere.

Sam and Lucys Marquee Wedding

A helping hand to the Bride and Groom to Be

Sam and Lucy approached us a few months ago.  They wanted to provide their own drinks for their Wedding, but needed some Staff to serve to their Guests. This is where The Iron Bar stepped in.  We gave Sam and Lucy lots of advice on the best way to serve their drinks for their day, the amount of drinks they should have available and also the number of glasses they would need to.  Lucy was also concerned about the fact that as they were having a buffet style meal, that there would be no-one to clear the plates and ensure the tables were tidy.  Again we gave her reassurance that we could help with the Caterer’s to make sure that this was also carried out.

The Couple were having a celebrant led wedding at the same place as their Reception.  Our first job was to serve Pimms and Lemonade before the Ceremony and then the Bar would be available after the Ceremony to serve Guest’s post Ceremony drinks.

Rain didn’t stop play for this Wedding

When we looked at the Weather forecast early Saturday morning, it certainly was not looking like the perfect weather for a Wedding – heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast.  We began to put our contingency plan into practice and put up our Gazebo for the reception drinks.  Fortunately the rain stayed away, in fact the Couple were so lucky, the heavy downpours and thunderstorms actually decided to put in an appearance while they were in the Marquee having their meal.

Nor did Covid Restrictions

Because some Government guidelines were still in place, the reception drinks were served on a table for Guests to help themselves, whereas normally we would have served drinks on a tray going to the Guests ourselves.

Other things that were a bit different for this Wedding were that we poured wine at the table as Guests required it rather than leaving the bottles on the tables. Champagne was also served in glasses and given to Guests just before the speeches too.

There was a slight interlude to the Wedding Proceedings…

Sam and Lucys Marquee Wedding

Talk about bad planning – someone decided to through an important football game into the mix – although that didn’t stop the Guests from enjoying themselves (Or in fact most of our Staff, for those that wanted to watch the match, they carried on working on the bar – which happened to be right next to the TV screen) and the Staff that weren’t bothered (yes I know it was England!) they were happy to be on glass washing chores!

While England were beating Ukraine, our Professional staff continuously served the Guests by table service so no one was left with an empty glass!

Lucy and Sam said to us, many times during the day, that they were so glad that they booked the Iron Bar, and didn’t leave their Guests having a free for all when it came to drinks.

To find out more on what Lucy and Sam had to say about us, head over to our Testimonials page.

If you’re having a Wedding or Event where you want to provide your own drinks, but require someone to serve them, contact us either by email or give us a call 07980 679575 /  07533 694142

Sam and Lucys Marquee Wedding

If you’re having a Wedding or Event where you want to provide your own drinks, but require someone to serve them, contact us either by email or give us a call 07980 679575 /  07533 694142

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