Non alcoholic drinks options for your Wedding

You may have Guests at your Wedding who will not be drinking alcohol for whatever reason, age, health, religion etc.  You don’t have to limit their drinks choice to just water or fruit juice.

Here are 5 fantastic non alcoholic drinks options for your Wedding Day;

Non alcoholic drinks options for your Wedding

Show stopping Mocktails

Why not serve your Guests a Virgin Sangria for their reception drinks. Perhaps a non bubbly option of Elderflower Presse for your Toast.  You could always add a splash of brightly coloured raspberry cordial for an extra splash of luxury.

Spirits don’t always have to contain alcohol…

Non alcoholic drinks options for your Wedding

Maybe you have pregnant Guests, or drivers who don’t want to miss out on their favourite tipple of a Gin and Tonic?  

There is currently a huge trend in the drinks market for non-alcoholic alternatives to mainstream spirits –  Tanqueray Gin, Gordon’s, Martini as well as some of the big brand beers are just some examples of alternatives to alcohol.

A word of caution though – if you’re having an unstaffed bar at your Wedding, be sure to keep the non alcoholic options separate from the alcohol.

Have a Juice Bar

Children will love concocting their own creations with various fruit juices.  You can also introduce your adult Guests to some more unusual fruit juices

It’s all in the Garnish

Don’t serve your Guests plain boring fruit juice, or presse’s.  Let your Guests pimp up their drinks with a range of garnishes…. Think edible flowers, pink peppercorns or custom made syrups (If you’re struggling for ideas, talk to your Caterer, they may be able to help you out with some of the ingredients.

A Lemonade Bar

Lemonade is the perfect refreshing drink for a summer wedding.  A look that would be perfect for a rustic wedding style using old pallets.. Oh and lots of lemons!

Non alcoholic drinks options for your Wedding

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