Jubilee celebrations at Leighton Village Hall

Earlier in the year, the committee of Leighton Village Hall in Shropshire approached us to provide our cash bar service for their Jubilee Celebrations in June.

To give you a bit of background:

Leighton is a small Village between Telford and Shrewsbury. Each year, pre-covid, they held a beer festival. To be clear, the Jubilee event was not the Beer festival. However, we were concerned that there would be an expectation for lots of beer! (Read on to find out what we stocked on the day)

There were expected to be around 200 guests at the event, although we had no idea.  

There were various considerations to think about:

+ There was a minibus available to transport residents from neighbouring Villages – Great, no worrying about driving!

-There was the weather to think about… Although the event was being held at the Village Hall, most of the day was planned to be outdoors!

– There were many other events and house parties taking place on the same day;

-There was a risk that all Guests would bring their drinks and not use the Bar 


So, we’ve established we don’t know how many Guests we would serve.  

And, will people expect lots of different types of real ale – Beer Festival style?


Once a barrel is opened, it needs to be used – we can’t save it for our next event.

A small keg serves 9 gallons (72 pints). Considering if 100 guests show, half of which drink beer, and assuming they have 2 pints each, that’s the keg empty, but if only 20 real ale drinkers show, we’ve got a wasted barrel!

We decided to go for the other option – polypins and bottles!


Are a perfect solution for smaller numbers and keeps for a few days.


We were keen to supply local beers from the area, so on draught, through the polypins, we had available Hobson’s Shrop Star and later Town Crier.

As an alternative, we also had Three Tuns Brewery’s summer solstice (limited brew for the time of year), Salopian Brewery Hop Twister, Bathams Best Bitter, and Stonehouse Brewery’s Station Bitter.

Leighton Village Hall

And for the non-beer drinkers:

A selection of ciders and a vast range of spirits were available, catering to all tastes.  

We also had a vast choice of soft drinks to accommodate children and those who didn’t drink alcohol.

Along came Jubilee Day…

The plan was in place, now for the day itself:

Good news, the sun was shining, and the people came in droves!

A hectic day was had, and surprisingly, we served about 200 people (We should’ve gone with the kegs!!) … BUT: we didn’t run out of beer!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Families and friends relaxed with each other while listening to a variety of local bands, drinking cold beer, cider, prosecco, Pimms…. the list goes on. It was a much-needed day of socialising, probably the first opportunity for most in the last two years!

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