How much does it cost to hire a mobile bar?

When budgeting for your Wedding or event, have you thought about how much does it cost to hire a mobile bar? Let’s first look at the services available.

Each mobile bar business is different in its charging structure. Today, though, we’ll go through the basics that are generally the norm.

How much does it cost to hire a mobile bar

Cash Bars

It is the most popular service and the easiest to determine how much it will cost when planning your Wedding or event.

First, there’s the booking fee – The initial payment to secure your date.  

Then, there’s usually a minimum spend. Based on the actual sales made on the day. When you first read a Mobile Bar’s minimum spend, it can be quite scary, but let’s break it down.

For example, our minimum spend is £1000.

If you’ve got 100 Guests, that equals £10.00 per head.

Break it down even further, based on average drinks prices that is, just over two drinks per person for the whole event.

It is very unlikely you will be charged for any minimum spend not being achieved, however just for your information, if the Bar makes £800 worth of sales, then you would be invoiced the difference (£200)

Barrel Charge: This can be charged if you want the Bar to supply a specific draught drink, not generally sold on the Bar. The charge is usually made as the Bar cannot sell any remains after your event.

Dry Hire

If you’re considering providing your own drinks for your Guests and having a free bar, as well as the cost to buy your own drinks, you could hire a professional service to serve your guests and provide all the essential bar equipment to provide such a service.

Cost of the Bar hire: This would be the cost to hire the bar structure, fridge, and all essential equipment.

Hire of Staff: An adequate number of staff would be provided for your Wedding or event to provide a quality service. This includes a glass washer person too.

Glassware Hire: The cost to hire a variety of glasses, including delivery, potential breakages, and losses.

So, when you’re thinking about how much does it cost to hire a mobile bar, here’s your answer!

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