Free Bar at Your Wedding-Things to Consider

You’ve decided to serve all your Guests with free drinks at your Wedding, great, but if you’re thinking of having a free bar at your wedding, there are some things to consider:

Free bar at your wedding

How many Guests are you having?

This is an important factor, to make sure you have enough drinks and also enough glasses.

What age range are your Guests and what do most of them like to drink?

Are you having Guests in their early 20’s who drink the latest trends, or have you got a granny in her 80’s that likes one or two sherries at special occasions!

Have you got some Irish Guests that go mad for Guinness?

This will help you decide on what drinks you need to have available for your Guests.

Don’t forget about the non-drinkers

Have you got any Guests that will be the designated driver for the day, or are pregnant? Are you having children to your Wedding? Don’t forget to make sure that there are non alcoholic drinks available for them.

Make sure you have drinks a plenty

The last thing you want your Wedding to be known for is “The one where there was nothing to drink” think about this – your Guests aren’t going to be putting their hands in their pockets to pay for their drinks – this means they are likely to drink more than they would on a normal night at the pub.  

Make sure that you have got enough drinks to last all day – and also a good range of drinks too.  Some places offer a sale or return basis, particularly drinks wholesalers – these are a great place to buy your Wedding drinks from.  Over purchase and return anything (unopened of course) that isn’t used.

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Who is going to serve your Drinks?

It’s great having a free bar at your Wedding – but who will serve your drinks? Are you going to let your Guests help themselves? This could lead to things getting out of control when your Guests may pour them a more than generous sized Gin.  Not only will you run out of drink, but things could also get a little messy.  If you hire a Professional Staffing Company like The Iron Bar, not only will it be more professional, but your drinks will be served with more control.

Free bar at your wedding

What will you put your Drinks on?

Are you going to make a bar structure? Perhaps the Venue has a counter you could use as a Bar?  Or you could hire a bar structure.  

What about Glassware?

You need a lot of glasses – it’s no good thinking for 100 Guests you need just 100 Glasses.  Guests will not hold onto just one glass for the whole of the day.  Also a lot of Guests will change their drinks choice throughout the Day so will need more than one type of glass.  A professional Bar Company will be able to provide guidance on how many glasses you will need and also the different types.

Free bar at your wedding
While we’re on the subject of glasses – what about the washing up?

Unless you’re having disposable glasses, you will need someone to be washing the glasses up so you don’t run out and also to ensure that your Wedding Reception looks tidy with diary glasses being regularly removed.  If you’re having a Wedding in a field, there is not going to be the facility to have a glass washing machine, so it will need to be done manually by at least one, if not two people.

Don’t forget your Ice and Slices…..

Ideally, you could do with a small chest freezer (I would recommend keeping an eye out on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace for a cheap one) that you could store Ice in for your Free Bar at your Wedding.  Also don’t forget your garnishes for your drinks – lemon, lime etc.

Finally, think about the legalities

If you’re serving alcohol (Regardless of a free bar) you will need to obtain a Temporary Events Notice from your local Council 21 days before your Wedding.  If you hire The Iron Bar for your Wedding, this is something we can take care of.

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