Free bar at your Wedding or Event?

Having a free bar at your Wedding or Event? But who will serve your Guests?

You’ve decided that you want to supply all your own drinks to your Guests at your Wedding or Party – Great!….

There are some things you need to think about though…

Most important – Having a free bar at your Wedding or Event but who will serve your Guests?

You may think that it’s a free bar so your Guests can help themselves.

Perfect – a nice, relaxed and informal party for you and your Guests- but it could also lead to sheer carnage if there isn’t anyone to keep an eye on things;

Some examples of when things could go wrong:

You run out of drink:

There’s no one to control how much drink is being served so your Guests will be having larger than normal measures which is likely to mean your drinks will run out too soon.

Things could get very messy

As well as the risk of running out of drink, if your Guests are helping themselves to triple, quadruple or even larger measures of gin, vodka or whisky you may need the paramedics on standby with stomach pumps.

Hiring a professional to manage the Bar and drinks there will be more control over your Guests – in the nicest possible way.

Glassware – who’s going to make sure you’ve got enough

Free bar at your Wedding or Event

If you’re having actual glasses, you will need people to clean and resupply your bar area.

If you decide to go down the disposable route, great no washing up….. But who’s going to clean up all the dirty drinkware?

Leave it to the Professionals:

Even though you may be thinking about providing your own drinks, what are you going to serve your drinks on? Do you have some kind of bar structure?

Here at The Iron Bar, we can help with your free bar at your Wedding or Event. We can provide professional friendly staff to serve your Guests and keep your event clean and tidy of dirty glasses.

We’ve got a rustic bar structure available complete with back bar and fridges.

Free bar at your Wedding or Event

We can even hire glasses for your event so all you have to provide is your drinks. For more information, talk to us.

Final Note – The Legalities

Did you know, whether you provide your own free bar or hire professional staff you need to contact your local Council for a TEMPORARY EVENTS NOTICE. Let’s face it, the last thing you want is for the Police to come and close down your Wedding or Event. Speak to us for more details or click on the link for more information.

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