Eco Friendly Bar for your Wedding Or Event

How do you make sure you have an eco friendly bar for your Wedding or Event?

This could be quite an important consideration if you’re the Bride, Groom or Party organiser.

Eco friendly bar for your wedding or event

Firstly, you should eliminate the use of plastic wherever possible

One of the biggest plastic usages on a bar is straws.  Think about doing away altogether or replacing with paper, bamboo or even steel –  (Steel straws could be an ideal solution for favours for your Wedding, or even promotional material with your Company logo for a Corporate event)

Eco friendly bar for your wedding or event

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle….

Ensure that your Bar Staff recycle as much as possible.  Make sure they have colour coded bins for paper, glass and plastic (If you can’t eliminate it altogether) also a waste food caddy for waste such as lemon slices.

Ice, Ice Baby!

If you want to go for a full eco friendly bar, think about the ice consumption.  Ice uses a lot of water, and also energy to freeze it (We’re talking about the large quantities of ice cubes used for your event) Perhaps consider not having ice at all, and make sure that all of your drinks are served really chilled.

Avoid Washing Up

Eliminate water and detergents by having disposable drinks ware (Read the next point about this) If your event is in a marquee in the middle of a field, the chances are your bar staff would be washing drinkware up by hand using lots of buckets or bowls of water.

Avoid Glassware

The perfect eco friendly bar avoids the use of glassware, and instead, have fully disposable drinkware.  There are some very good compostable drinkware available.

Finally – Shop Local

As with all other Eco Friendly activities, it is important to shop local.

Choose local breweries for your beer supplies.  There are a lot of regional and local distilleries for gin, whisky and even vodka.

English wine is also becoming increasingly popular with a number of vineyards around the Country.

Eco friendly bar for your wedding or event

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