Drinks trends for the year

As with most things at the start of the year, new predicted trends are introduced, and drinks are no different. So let’s have a look at what is set to be the drinks trends for this year:

Drinks trends for this year

Non-alcohol and low alcoholic drinks

Many people are choosing to drink less or opt-out of drinking alcohol altogether. You only need to look in the drinks aisle at your local supermarket to see the increasing amount of non-alcoholic drinks appearing on the shelves. And it isn’t just beer or (nasty tasting) wines either – there is an increase in low and no alcohol spirits – or their substitutes.

With this in mind, mocktail recipes will be significant for wedding reception drinks.


These started to appear last year, and they’re not going anywhere in 2022 either. New flavours such as pomegranate, lemon and sage, lavender and lime, and cherry limeade will start showing soon.

Drinks trends for this year


Previously predicted to be a trend in 2020, a Global Pandemic and a stop to social lives changed that!

Gone are the days of drunken nights out involving salt on the back of your hand and a slice of lemon – Tequila is going one of the significant drinks trends for this year, and it’s said to be more sophisticated, served with soda or tonic water. Watch out for our blog on all things Tequila coming soon.

Cocktails – keeping it simple and traditional

Research shows that cocktails made with more ingredients are slower on sales. Those with three ingredients or less are still the popular ones.

The classics such as Old Fashioned, Margarita, Negroni, and Martini are certainly here for this year.

New World Whisky

This is undoubtedly a drinks trend to watch out for. Whiskies from India, Taiwan, and Holland are soon to hit the UK market and are predicted to be big… so watch this space.

Drinks trends for this year


For the last few years, Craft Beers have increased in popularity, especially Indian Pale Ale’s (IPA’s). This could sway in 2022 with the comeback of lager, in particular Craft Lagers.

Other in’s and out’s…

Gin is slowly on its way out – there is less interest in the botanical drinks and more in the rum market and the already mentioned Tequila market.

Cognac could also be due for a come-back in 2022, so let’s see.

Are there any surprises with these predicted trends? Is there anything else you think will be big in the drinks industry in 2022? Let us know.

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