The dark spirits of Halloween

The dark spirits of halloween

Halloween is a perfect time if you need an excuse to try something different. And if you’re getting married at this time of year, here are some great ideas for arrival drinks or the base for some signature cocktails. So, think about the dark spirits of Halloween…


Whisky-based cocktails are making an appearance and almost reinventing the spirit mainly linked to older men!

A simple base mixed with vermouth is an excellent start.

The dark spirits of halloween

Whisky with a mixer of ginger ale is also a perfect drink to spice up cold and dark winter nights.


Still waiting to make an appearance in the trends of the drinks market. However, only time will tell if this changes. It is, however, an excellent base for chocolate and cherry cocktails. Also great for experimenting with adaptions of traditional cocktails such as the Manhatten or Old Fashioned.


Slowly coming back into the room as a trendy spirit. Dark tequila shows that they are way better than being just served in a shot glass.

Think about margherita’s or paloma’s. Or pair it neat with grapefruit, orange, or tomato juice.


Trying to win the race with Tequila, Mezcal has a smokey flavour.

Perfect served with ginger beer for a spicy, smokey, earthy drink or even serve with an apple cider to give a more crispy taste.


Now, this is a drink that has had a renaissance.

The various market selections leave a massive choice of flavour combinations. Pineapple and coconut are popular (think Pina Colada), but also apple juice is suitably paired with a spiced rum.

Are you still feeling scared about the dark spirits of Halloween? What better time to experiment and find a flavour that suits you?

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Happy Halloween

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