Champagne – Is it really worth it?

Champagne - is it really worth it?

The other half of the Iron Bar has been badgering me for more blogs. “Do one on Champagne,” she says. OK, where do I start?

To be Champagne, it has to be made in Champagne, France.  If it’s made anywhere else in France or the World, it’s sparkling wine. 

You can use their methods, copy their equipment, even steal their staff, but if it’s not made in the Champagne region, it’s not called Champagne ever. And there lies the rub. Many fantastic sparkling wines are out there. Some of the best even come from good old Great Britain, but they will forever only be called sparkling wine.

So should you choose Champagne for your event? Maybe, maybe not.

Champagne is probably one of the most wasted drinks in the World (bear with me on this one). Ships are launched with it, and every sporting victor gets doused with it, especially all those F1 drivers, every business deal gets sealed with it, and almost every wedding couple gets toasted on it. But how many weddings do you go to, and everyone says that champagne tastes divine? 

It’s funny that a so costly drink has minimal tasting notes applied to it than a glass of red or white wine.

You may get on the back label how dry it is or acidic or whether it has biscuity notes (whatever biscuity means). But ask anyone why they drink Champagne. They will probably answer; it makes my tongue tingle, my head giddy, and makes me feel incredibly positive!!

Nothing about biscuity notes there then.

Champagne - is it really worth it?

So you are getting married and your parents want you to have Champagne (is this to show off?) But you don’t like Champagne I can hear the arguments starting now so what can you do. Well, firstly, Cheap Champers is usually associated with raw acidity. You know, the one that makes your face screw up like Mr. Bean saying that one of the German Supermarkets has an extremely drinkable Champagne; however, after a few glasses, they tend to all taste the same anyway.

A decent bottle of vintage Champagne is better than two non-vintage champagnes but stay away from the special cuvee’s as these are just a waste of money. Away from the cheaper offerings, the investment does pay off acidity tends to be gentler and more rounded. The flavours are richer and nuttier (you may even be able to taste those biscuity notes). However, if you are buying 30 bottles, this may not be financially viable.

Therefore you may have to opt for the next best thing or maybe for the much better thing;

Sparkling Wine. Everyone has heard of it, everyone is drinking it, and now Prosecco is probably one of the most widely drunk wines in the world.

But Sparkling wines should not be confined to some fizzy stuff from Italy. Sparkling wines are made the world over in fact, some of the best come from as far afield as Australia (the best come from Tasmania and the Yarra Valley), New Zealand, California, and like I said before, Britain.,

Champagne companies such as Mumm, Domaine Chandon, and Roederer all make sparkling wine, and Tattinger has acquired land in England next to the most famous English Producers South Ridge to make their own sparkling wine.

But again, sparkling wine can be good and very bad.

The cheapest sparkling can taste like wine shoved through a sodastream machine. The best can confuse even the most determined experts in blind tastings.

There is nothing wrong with serving a good sparkling wine for your event. If everyone has been drinking for some time, no one will notice the difference anyway. The likelihood is that the bar staff will have the drinks already poured, so no one will see what you have bought.

Champagne - is it really worth it?

So to recap, if you want Champagne, buy it but be very careful what you buy.

There are some real stinkers out there. If you want to save some money and still provide a good quality sparkling white, or you could really bend the rules and get a sparkling red, and if you are conscious of your carbon footprint, then try the English Sparkling Wines from South Ridge and Nyetimber.

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