Eco friendly bar for your wedding or event Blog

Eco Friendly Bar for your Wedding Or Event

How do you make sure you have an eco friendly bar for your Wedding or Event? This could be quite an important consideration if you’re the Bride, Groom or Party organiser. Firstly, you should eliminate the use of plastic wherever possible One of the biggest plastic usages on a bar is straws.  Think about doing away altogether or replacing with paper, bamboo or even steel –  (Steel straws could be an ideal solution for favours for your Wedding, or even promotional material with your Company logo for a Corporate event) Recycle, Recycle, Recycle…. Ensure that your Bar Staff recycle as

A beer festival wedding Blog

A Beer Festival Wedding

A beer festival wedding theme is a great way to have a drinks reception with a difference for your Wedding. Festival weddings are certainly popular, but many Couples think about a music festival theme.  There are so many other styles of Festival weddings you could have including a beer festival wedding. Obviously, for a beer festival wedding, you need to be a fan of beer, but how do you plan a beer festival wedding? First You need beer! First up, let’s start with the obvious. You can’t have a beer festival without real ale, so make friends with a local

Signature cocktails for your wedding or party Blog

Signature Cocktails for your Wedding Or Party

Signature cocktails are a great way to personalise your Wedding or Party for your welcome drink for your Guests. What can you do to personalise your Signature Cocktails? Use your Favourite Tipple There are plenty of cocktails which use gin, vodka, rum etc. as a base for your cocktails.  If Gin is a favourite, choose a cocktail which has that for its base. Don’t worry, you’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to thinking of cocktails – just tweaking the design!) Match to your colour scheme There are plenty of mixer options to choose from to get the colour

wedding alcohol - how much do you need Blog

Wedding Alcohol – How much do you need?

Providing your own wedding drinks on your special day is a great way to have what drinks you want. Also, if you have contacts with a local wine merchant or brewery it could be cost effective. So if you are providing your own wedding alcohol – how much do you need? What do you need to know about wedding alcohol and how much do you need? Firstly, don’t assume that because you drink one particular drink, all of your Guests will like the same. Make sure you’ve got a good variety of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) Have a good


Your Wedding Drinks Reception

Your wedding drinks reception can be one of the focal points of your day.  It fills the gap between your Ceremony and your meal. If done right, it can entertain your wedding guests while you are with the Photographer. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to mingle with your Guests. Personalise your Day with Signature Cocktails Dependent on your wedding budget, your wedding drinks reception can be as extravagant as money will allow . You can hire in Bartenders to create a wow factor by mixing up personalised cocktails, or you could keep it simple with a DIY drinks