wedding alcohol - how much do you need Blog

Wedding Alcohol – How much do you need?

Providing your own wedding drinks on your special day is a great way to have what drinks you want. Also, if you have contacts with a local wine merchant or brewery it could be cost effective. So if you are providing your own wedding alcohol – how much do you need? What do you need to know about wedding alcohol and how much do you need? Firstly, don’t assume that because you drink one particular drink, all of your Guests will like the same. Make sure you’ve got a good variety of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) Have a good


Jubilee celebrations at Leighton Village Hall

Earlier in the year, the committee of Leighton Village Hall in Shropshire approached us to provide our cash bar service for their Jubilee Celebrations in June. To give you a bit of background: Leighton is a small Village between Telford and Shrewsbury. Each year, pre-covid, they held a beer festival. To be clear, the Jubilee event was not the Beer festival. However, we were concerned that there would be an expectation for lots of beer! (Read on to find out what we stocked on the day) There were expected to be around 200 guests at the event, although we had no idea.  


Lou and Nat’s bespoke drinks package and cash bar

Lou and Nat approached The Iron Bar quite early in their Wedding Planning Stage. They approached us after booking our sister Company, LMS Weddings, to help with their wedding planning. First planning stage We had an initial chat with the Couple. Then we decided that we would provide a fully stocked cash bar and a bespoke drinks package. They were having a marquee wedding at Cheswell Grange in Newport. We also put together a bespoke drinks package for during the day reception. Lou also requested Shropshire Gold on draught and a supply of Guinness. She also mentioned that her favourite

Amazing arrival drinks Blog

Amazing Arrival Drinks

Your Wedding Day….I’ll say that again YOUR WEDDING DAY! Why am I shouting this from the rooftops? Well, I, for one, am a little tired of seeing the same drinks offered for arrival drinks at a Wedding Reception. Maybe it’s time to (pardon the pun) shake things up a bit. This blog will look at a wedding staple – the arrival drink. BORING ARRIVAL DRINKS Fortunately, things have moved on. No longer are we forced to drink lukewarm Bucks Fizz or achingly sweet Pimms at drinks receptions. Now, we are force-fed bright orange Aperol spritz, plain old faithful prosecco, Pimms, or even,

Beer at your wedding Blog

The Pitfalls of having draught beer at an event

I’m writing this blog as storm Eunice rages around the country. We have been relatively lucky so far in Shropshire but will probably be plagued by the inevitable flood warnings over the next few days. So to better and brighter things, I’m going to talk about Beer. Beer, to me, is one of my favourite things. I like learning about it, looking after it, serving it, and, most importantly, drinking it. Beer at an event is the staple beverage consumed. We in the UK consume around 71 litres of Beer each per year. That’s a fair amount considering we are

Tequila Blog

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.

I have decided to write you a blog on a little loved, but never the less exciting spirit called Tequila. Let us start at the beginning Tequila is made using the Blue Agave plant that grew initially around Tequila in Mexico. It was first produced in the 16th century near Tequila, the city being established in 1656. It was a fermented and then distilled beverage made from the sap of the Blue Agave. Eighty years later, around 1600. It was mass-produced in the first factory in the territory of what is now known as Jalisco by Don Pedro Sanchez de

Champagne - is it really worth it? Blog

Champagne – Is it really worth it?

The other half of the Iron Bar has been badgering me for more blogs. “Do one on Champagne,” she says. OK, where do I start? To be Champagne, it has to be made in Champagne, France.  If it’s made anywhere else in France or the World, it’s sparkling wine.  You can use their methods, copy their equipment, even steal their staff, but if it’s not made in the Champagne region, it’s not called Champagne ever. And there lies the rub. Many fantastic sparkling wines are out there. Some of the best even come from good old Great Britain, but they

Drinks trends for this year Blog

Drinks trends for the year

As with most things at the start of the year, new predicted trends are introduced, and drinks are no different. So let’s have a look at what is set to be the drinks trends for this year: Non-alcohol and low alcoholic drinks Many people are choosing to drink less or opt-out of drinking alcohol altogether. You only need to look in the drinks aisle at your local supermarket to see the increasing amount of non-alcoholic drinks appearing on the shelves. And it isn’t just beer or (nasty tasting) wines either – there is an increase in low and no alcohol

Vegan wine and drinks Blog

Vegan Wine and Drinks

Apologies, we’re a bit late on the Veganuary boat, but with the increase of awareness of the Vegan culture, we thought it would be good to bring you a blog on Vegan wine and drinks.  After all, what are your thoughts on availability? Do you think you need to go to a specialist drinks supplier? How easy is it to get vegan-based drinks from a Supermarket? We have the answers to these questions. First though, what makes wine, spirit, or beer vegan? Vegan Wines The important part is all to do with how the wine is clarified (more commonly known

Alcoholic grape juice - better known as wine Blog

Alcoholic Grape Juice – Better known as Wine!

So begins my blog on wine. Before I begin I will say that this will not be one about how it’s made and where it’s from. It is about the best wines you can buy for your wedding or birthday or whatever event you are holding and how a good mobile bar can enhance your guests’ experiences. As we know, wine comes from all over the world. Wherever you have a good, dry, warm environment, you have a good chance that you can grow good grapes to make excellent wines. I’m not saying this is essential; after all, Britain has

Rum the new gin Blog

Is Rum the New Gin?

Many years ago Gin was looked upon in the same regard as Brandy, a drink for the old, they called it Mother’s ruin after all.  After a magnificent renaissance. Gin is probably the most consumed spirit in Britain, if not Worldwide. But is Rum the new Gin? Let’s talk Rum But we should be talking about Rum, not Gin. It is necessary to understand where Rum finds itself at the moment. It is on a great revival, one that should bring it more success than it has ever had before and should be sustained for many years to come. Rum